Donald Trump Lets Bygones Be Bygones In New Year’s Tweet (Just Kidding!)

President-elect Donald Trump is putting the “dip” in diplomacy, if his New Year’s Eve tweet is any indication.

The Donald has decided to ring in the New Year with a heartfelt tweet wishing good tidings to all.

Just kidding! That would have been the respectful thing for the soon-to-be leader of the free world to do. Instead, he posted a bitter pill. 

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!

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People Are Tweeting All The Bizarre Ways Their Pets Celebrate The Holidays

How do animals celebrate the holidays? Mostly by messing with your stuff and waiting for food to hit the floor, according to people sharing their experiences on Twitter.

The  hashtag is full of cute animals hoping for that turkey to fall off the plate or making wrapping presents even more difficult than it already is. There are even a few cats who seem mostly OK with the hats they’ve been forced to wear.

Here are a few of the favorite posts that we’ve seen so far:

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Knowing Your Gouldian Finches


Gouldian finches are not for novice bird enthusiasts. They are more difficult to care, breed and they do not like to be petted or held.

There three varieties of Gouldian Finches are the black-headed (Poephila gouldiae), the red-headed (Poephila mirabilis) and the yellow-headed (Poephila armitiana). They all have natural vivid colors that almost appear to be unnatural.

Male Gouldian has a brighter and darker purple color on the chest and the color yellow in their belly are darker and intense compare to females. The green color on their back and the light blue color on their face are also darker and more often the face masks in males are larger and clearer. The male also sings beautifully while hopping from one perch to the other. Singing usually begins long before they have completed their molt into adult colors.

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A Winning Social Media Plan

Social media used to be seen by many as the outcast stepchild in the marketing world.  It was the place you could have your millennial nephew start his career by building your brand.  You could say any stupid thing without any consequences.  However, the market has grown up.

With social media there is not so many rigid rules, so you can still let your hair down, but it also a place to grow your brand and grow profits.  You can know longer push social media to the side and do it when you have a free minute on the weekends – it has to be done with the rest of your marketing strategy.

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The Lottery in Maryland


I’ve never really supported state lotteries till I researched it and found some interesting facts.  Did you know the Maryland lottery uses much of its revenue to help state programs such as public health and safety, education, and human resources.  You can pick up a lottery ticket at most gas stations or any retailers that supports the lottery and has the official computers to enter the lottery numbers.  You MUST by at least 18 years old to play the Maryland lottery.  The date on the ticket will ALWAYS have to be verified before you leave the retailer to ensure you do not commit fraud.  When a retailer supports the lottery and sells lottery tickets they receive commissions for selling the lottery tickets and cashing them.

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An Overview of Ocala Florida


Ocala, Florida sits in the middle of Marion county and has a population over 50k.  The city was founded in 1846. Ocala got its name from the Seminole people.  Hernando De Soto met with the Seminole Tribe during one of his expeditions and they told him the area was called “Ocali” or “Kingdom of the Sun.”

With Ocala sitting square in the heart of the sunshine state the Seminole people got the name right.  In fact, since Ocala sits directly in the middle of Florida, it sees more sunshine than the coast cities.

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Why the Price Differences on Roofing Estimates?


I had a neighbor’s tree fall on our roof a few weeks ago.  The tree had been hollowed out by termites and got so weak that it fell smack down onto our roof and right through to our living room.  Luckily, we were not home at the time.  If we had been there is no telling if I would be alive to tell this tale.  We had to move into a hotel while the damage was assessed and the necessary repairs were made.  The biggest hassle with it all was hiring a roofing contractor.  The reason being is the price differences on the estimates?  I couldn’t figure out how one wanted to charge $18,000 and another came in at only $8,000.  Why the price differences and what’s the difference in the roofs or the repairs being made?  Before I hired a contractor I sat down and did a ton of research and I found out exactly why there is differences.

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